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  • You have already selected a dog breed but need help finding a breeder.

    99 US dollars
  • You know the type of dog you want but are open to breed options.

    199 US dollars
  • A specialized dog like a service, working or mixed-breed dog.

    350 US dollars
  • This is the deposit for either the Platinum or Diamond Packages

    50 US dollars

If you know which package you need and are ready to book your initial phone consultation, click "Book Now" on that package above.

If you haven't narrowed down which package is best for you or would like to book the Platinum or Diamond package, please click "Book Now" on All Package Deposit
above to schedule your appointment.

If you have questions before you choose the best package for you, please fill out a contact form below and we will reach out as soon as possible to help you.

Dog Treats

Currently Offering FREE 15 Minute Phone Consultation to Assist You in Choosing the Best Package for Your Needs

Fill out the Contact Form Below with "Free Consultation" in the Subject Line to Get Started Today!

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